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Hi 🙂 Questions to fellow photographers: What’s your favorite thing to photograph, and what do you photograph most? My favorites are probably butterflies and moths, but what I photograph most (i.e. every day) are my cats and random street scenes.

Here are this week’s photos-

(i) My cat Tonje, photographed with Fujifilm X-T1 and 60 mm macro lens

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(ii) A candid shot taken with my iPhone


It’s snowing in Amsterdam! 🙂

Photos by iPhone – one taken just an hour ago when I was waiting for the tram to go home. The other one is a collage with pictures of my cat Tonje ❤


A handsome dog admiring himself in the rear mirror

Looking good! :)

Looking good! 🙂


A man in the medina (old fortified city) of Marrakech. I’m not good at street photography or portraits, so -again- happy with the zoom on the SX50.