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Happy 4th advent! Wishing you all happy holidays!

Here’s a picture I took a few days ago; The NEMO science museum here in Amsterdam. The building was designed by Renzo Piano who’s also famous for designing Centre Pompidou in Paris, The Chard in London, and The Whitney Museum of American Art in NYC.

The bicycle bridge leading to NEMO is called ‘Mr. J.J. van der Veldebrug’ (bridge number 1939), and this year it’s part of the Amsterdam Light Festival. The artwork was made by Dutch artist Peter Vink.



Happy 3rd advent!

The annual Amsterdam Light Festival has begun. I haven’t had time to check out all the art pieces yet, but here are two of them that I photographed the other day – “Two Lamps” and “Spider on a bridge”.


Week 44! A couple of days ago, I attended a workshop called “Moonlight with owls”. It was really nice, although a bit too dark to take pictures. But I got to see and hold a few owls, they’re such impressive and beautiful birds. Here’s a picture of Bean, a beautiful Bengal eagle-owl (Bubo bengalensis)


Some pictures from the Amsterdam Light Festival 2016-

(1) “Greenpigs”


(2) “Bunch of Tulips”


(3) “Rotifers”


(4) “Nest”


(5) “Welcome to my home(town)”



The annual Amsterdam Light Festival brightens up our beautiful city during the dark winter days 🙂

Slideshow with 10 images-

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I got up at 3am this morning to photograph the super blood moon

My trusty PS and I did our best, but alas didn’t get any clear shot… But it was thrilling to see anyway!

The next opportunity to see this will be in 2033.



This is my 300th blog post! It’s no secret I prefer to take pictures of birds and flowers, but every once in a while it’s nice to try something different-

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Caleephotography is one year old today! (*^_^*)

Starting to blog and posting my pictures online was one of the best decisions I’ve made. In the past year I’ve come in contact with so many great people who’ve cheered me on and inspired me to continue. A big THANKS to you, because without you this blog would’ve lasted about one month instead of one year. I’m very grateful for all the motivation, inspiration, tips & tricks, likes and kind words in the comment field!

Today’s picture isn’t the kind I usually take, but after one year it was time to step outside my comfort zone.. So here’s a shot of the moon, taken handheld with my PS


f/6.5 – 1/160s – ISO 320 – 215mm